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Narnia tester.jpg

Murals, commissions, and big things

It has been some time since I did a street mural: I produced historical and community based murals for Scarborough (1998) and Kenora (2000).  I solved issues of materials, negotiations, and painting at scale.  I have used scaffolding and lifts.  Ultimately, I wanted more freedom of style and content, and stopped pursuing mural projects.  I have been excited to see the rise of art mural, internationally, in recent years: and I want back in the action!

Mitchells Store01.jpg

Mitchell's General Store

Located at 1728 Kingston Road in Scarborough, painted as part of Scarborough's Heritage Trail.

Acrylic on prepared wall. 1998.

The painting depicts one of the first stores in this Birch Cliff neighbourhood. I really enjoyed doing historical research in archives and at the Black Creek Pioneer Village.

L'Amoreaux Clean.jpeg

Water of Life

Commission for Saint Paul's L'Amoreaux Anglican Church, Scarborough.

Oil and gold leaf on canvas and cherry panels.  2002.

This project is installed in a community meeting space, where a sanctuary space and community use spaces come together.  The piece narrates the life of Jesus with particular emphasis on water images and metaphors.

Narnia tester.jpg
10 With orchestra.jpeg

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Collaboration with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony and Lost and Found Theatre.

Latex on canvas. 2007

This theatrical backdrop was used to accompany dramatic readings and orchestral selections that, together, drew audiences through the story of C.S. Lewis' The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

The visual design included evolving light treatments, black light effects, and projected patterns over the course of the performance.

Summit 2.jpg

mount pile

While this peace is one of the high points of my "Trashing Mountains" project, I am including it here as well.  Not technically a mural, this ephemeral collage functioned at a truly architectural scale, and addressed various entryways and even window vantage points.

BUMP Mural Idea.jpg

A sketch...

This piece has not been made -- it does, however, indicate the direction I would like to take in a mural project.  It has been very exciting to see murals, internationally, become less about heritage and more about expression and an artist's body of work.

The theme of ice and architecture, within an atmospheric space, would be my goal.  I would be content with any format of wall, and also enjoy the prospect of working with unusual shapes, or even around corners.

The look of this sketch is related to many of the images in my subMerge series.


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